1. Diesel engine retrofit technologies


“Verification has generated considerable commercial interest in our technology from end users, as well as regulators and distribution partners.” GESI (Global Emissions Systems Inc.)

2. Street sweepers

“ETV Canada is a great program for buyers of street sweepers not only in Canada but also internationally.  ETV Canada provides a mechanism to confidently verify a street sweeper’s environmental performance when testing using the City of Toronto’s PM10 and PM2.5 Street Sweeper Efficiency Test Protocol.  ETV Canada raises the bar for street sweeper environmental standards.”TYMCO, Inc.

“ETV sets the bar for performance, rewards those who clear the bar, and stimulates all to keep raising the bar”PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute)

3. Combined heat and power (CHP) technologies

“People are skeptical of new technology. ETV has opened doors we didn’t anticipate. New partnering organizations are using ETV data to make decisions on investing in our technology.”Mariah Energy

4. Thermal soil remediation technologies

“Mobile onsite equipment with [ETV] verified 99.99% destruction efficiency facilitates market acceptance and provides credibility.”Nelson Environmental Remediation (NER)

5. Bio-hazardous waste treatment technologies

“The ETV certificate and supporting documentation (performance testing results) have allowed OZONATOR to meet and exceed stringent approvals in many countries around the world.

Without the ETV verification, we would not be able to establish OZONATOR NG technology as the most environmentally sustainable technology in many of the international markets which we are currently operating.”OZONATOR Industries Ltd.

6. Soil Erosion/dust control technologies

“As a longtime client of the Canadian ETV Program, Midwest Industrial Supply is recognized globally for providing Earth-conscious technology solutions to manage and overcome dust, erosion, ice, or unstable soil conditions. Since 1999 Midwest’s Canadian ETV verification of Soil Sement® technology has provided the company with a solid basis for gaining market acceptance and building confidence in the technology’s performance among private and public organizations throughout North America and around the world.

In light of the clear value realized through ETV verification, Midwest is currently eyeing another one of its innovative dust suppression technologies – EnviroKleen® — for the Canadian ETV Program.”
Midwest Industrial Supply

7. Thermal treatment technologies for solid and liquid waste

“ The ETV certification provided the customer a sense of security that our performance claims are legitimate and credible.

The local government needed a thermal option for disposal but was leery about incinerators as many foreign companies had approached them with claims that were hard to prove.

Having performance data that was independently verified under the ETV program helped to overcome the government’s concerns and eliminate competition

Our company was able to enter into a new export market and has received several follow-on orders.”
Eco Waste Solutions