Testing Organizations

Independent and Recognized Performance Testing Organizations

A research and development corporation that addresses challenges facing oil & gas development and ice-prone regions in the areas of remote sensing, ice engineering and geotechnical engineering.


A centre of expertise specializing in the reduction of water usage.


A centre of expertise established in 1994 to help municipalities address buried water, wastewater and energy infrastructure challenges using trenchless technologies.


A research facility that specializes in applied research on alternative, innovative, and emerging water and wastewater treatment technologies.


Center for technology transfer that conducts applied research on bioprocesses and membrane technologies, applied to environmental technologies, industrial bio-molecules and bio-energy production.


Leader in the development of state-of-the-art knowledge, technology and facilities for wastewater treatment and waste management.


A research and development organization, which since 1975 has the goal of improving the Canadian forestry and transportation sectors


Pilot test lab specializing in wastewater treatment technologies, especially testing of stormwater and industrial/commercial wastewater treatment systems.


Multi-faceted engineering-based research and development organization focus in the agricultural sector to a secondary focus related to industrial mechanical equipment, including vehicles, transportation, mining, forestry.


Technology development and optimization services organization with expertise and pilot plant facilities in the areas of – metallurgy and materials, specialty chemicals, effluent treatment, recycling, renewable energy, and clean technology.


Canadaʼs largest demonstrations of green buildings and sustainable technologies and is a field testing site for photovoltaic modules and innovative storm water management technologies.


**Other independent testing organizations not listed here may be recognized. Please consult with Globe Performance Solutions to confirm.