General Verification Protocol

  • A verification protocol is a comprehensive and rigorous procedure used by Verification Entities to ensure that all verifications are done in a consistent manner.
  • The General Verification Protocol (GVP) provides the criteria and process for performing a verification. The GVP was created in March 2000 and was substantially revised in February 2007. ISO 14034 will standardize the verification process used around the world.

General Test Protocol

  • The results of testing are intended to provide accurate, meaningful data in support of the verification of a vendor’s claim for a technology performance.
  • The General Test Protocol is designed to provide a systematic framework to guide vendors, test agencies, and other testing facilities through the process of demonstration testing of a technology, resulting in thorough, high quality, reliable, reproducible data that meet the quality requirements of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).
  • This test protocol is generic in nature in order to provide appropriate guidance for vendors of a wide range of environmental technologies, applications, and/or associated contaminated media.
  • Where a need was identified, specific testing protocols were developed for specific types of technologies; these specific testing protocols are available under the ‘Other’ tab above.