National and International Harmonization


Environment Canada recognizes the importance of developing a level playing field for technology innovators ,as they seek to gain market acceptance for their technology based solutions. 

In Canada provincial and territorial governments,  as well as municipalities and other local authorities, preside over various technology permitting and approvals processes.  These jurisdictions  can  greatly benefit from the transparent approach  used by the Canadian ETV program and the valuable environmental performance information that the program offers.

Collaboration with Quebec’s Ministère du Développement durable de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP)
Harmonization of the procedures for the approval of water treatment technologies in conjunction with MDDEP

International Harmonization

The Canadian ETV Program is an active participant in efforts to support the international harmonization of assessment protocols and test methods, building on the established Canadian ETV Program Generic Verification Protocol and other related decision-support tools.

The principal elements of this international harmonization strategy are:
  • Sharing of protocols and test methods
  • Mutual recognition or accreditation of verification entities, and
  • Country-to-country reciprocity, where practical.


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The International Working Group on Environmental Technology Verification (IWG-ETV) was founded in 2007 with the intent to develop a common approach to verification so that, in future,  participating countries will be able to mutually recognize one another’s verifications .

The following international ETV programs are currently either fully operational or operating as a pilot program:

Danish Centre for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies
European Union Environmental Technology Verification
Japanese pilot project of Environmental Technology Verification
Korean New Excellent Technology (NET) & Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Project
Philippine Environmental Technology Verification programme
US Environment Technology Verification programme